Welcome to Haarlem Studios! Our journey started during the COVID pandemic. At first, we had various names such as Op Je Beeldscherm, Unbound Beyond and Power Presets, but we eventually settled on our current name. Initially, we sold Lightroom Presets, but as the pandemic began to ease, we transformed our business into a small production company focusing on film and photography.

Our business slowly grew as we continued to work as freelance filmmakers and photographers. However, we felt like something was missing – a sense of purpose. That purpose came to us in December of 2022 when we formed Haarlem Studios. We transformed our business again, but this time, with a clear sense of direction.

Haarlem Studios is a small film, photo, and online creator studio based in Haarlem. In addition to running Haarlem Studios, Sjoerd works as a freelance cinematographer and Frank as a freelance photographer. Click on the picture below to visit one of our personal portfolios.

We’re excited to share our journey with you and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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