Behind the scenes

About Us

Haarlem Studios is a small film, photo, and online creator studio located in Haarlem. Our journey began amidst the COVID pandemic, initially operating under various names such as Op Je Beeldscherm, Unbound Beyond, and Power Presets. However, we eventually settled on our current name. Originally, we started by selling Lightroom Presets, but as the pandemic restrictions eased, we transitioned into a small production company specializing in film and photography.

As we continued our work as freelance filmmakers and photographers, our business gradually grew. Yet, we felt a yearning for something more—a sense of purpose. In December 2022, that purpose became clear when we established Haarlem Studios. This transformation marked a significant milestone for us, as we now had a clear sense of direction.

Our studio is designed with modularity at its core, allowing us to swiftly transition from a black scene with RGB lights to a high-key setup with daylight lighting in a matter of seconds. This flexibility makes content creation a breeze, making our space ideal for YouTubers, podcasters, and creators who need to handle large volumes of shots. Furthermore, our studio is spacious enough to construct living room-style sets for commercials, documentaries, and TV series. If a vibrant backdrop is more fitting for a project, we can accommodate that too.

In addition to managing Haarlem Studios, Sjoerd works as a freelance cinematographer, while Frank pursues his career as a freelance photographer. Feel free to explore our personal portfolios below to get a glimpse of our individual work.

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