Advanced Studio

This setup was built with modularity in mind.

Starting from €450
If you want to get going fast, using our pre-rigged lighting system is recommended. We offer a full system of Amaran lights with Aputure softboxes. These lights are powerful enough to light the entire studio and versatile enough to change mood and style in a matter of seconds. All the lights are fully controllable with our iPad Air using the Sidus Link connection.

If you bring some of your own lights, we offer clamps to rig them to the grid. This ensures a clean working area free of cables and light stands. If you, however, need to add a quick light to your setup, we offer a wide range of C-Stands, light stands and combo stands for heavy duty lights which are all included in this package.

Adjustments to the pre-rigged system is also possible. Perhaps you want to turn one Amaran 300C RGB light toward the subject, or perhaps a different light modifier.
  • Everything from 'Basic Studio'
  • Basic lighting package
  • iPad to control lighting
  • Grid-system
  • Backdrop system
  • Studio accessories*
  • Extra film lights available**
  • Background paper (ask for price)

  • *Polyboards, flags, floppies & lightstands
  • **Check what additional rental gear we offer
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