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House Rules

House Rules Haarlems Studios


Article 1

Users should at all times inform Haarlem Studios when there is something they need or when something is wrong.


Article 2

Users should be mindful of themselves and others.


Article 3

Users should leave the studio and other area’s tidy and clean up after themselves.


Article 4

It is not allowed to smoke in the studio or other areas. If the user wishes to smoke, it can do so on the main street.


Article 5

The use of drugs is not allowed in and around our studio.


Article 6

Users should be mindful of the neighbors of Haarlem Studios and cannot not turn the sound equipment too loud in order to avoid any nuisance.


Article 7

Toilets are located in the studio, please note that it can happen that people from the office use this toilet, sorry.


Article 8

Haarlem Studios has two parking spaces available in front of the entrance of the studio. It is not allowed to use neighboring parking spaces without permission. If the two spots are taken, you can park for free on the main streets. See our ‘how to get here’ see where.

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